LIBRA Horoscope: Friday, October 5

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Take this Friday to the fullest where you will wake up with a great desire to take care of your well-being and improve your lifestyle as much as possible. Libra, there is a cosmic wave that surrounds your Zodiac Sign and makes you more cautious, do not let this day pass without having drawn up a plan to improve your health.


Libra, do not stop working on your work and give your best, show every day everything you are capable of doing and achieving. It is possible that this Friday or next week, your superiors will meet with you to offer you a better position with more responsibilities, but at the same time, better working conditions.


If in these moments you are in a relationship, today you will discover something about your partner that will leave you speechless. It will be a pleasant surprise and it will even become an inspiration for you. If you are currently single, this surprise will be given by someone very close to you.


Libra, it is not only important to think twice before speaking, it is also convenient to read before thinking. The lucky numbers for today are: 11, 13, 14, 24, 32, 38.

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