GEMINI Horoscope: Thursday, October 11

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Gemini, it is important that you do not take as a game issues related to health and start acting with a little more responsibility. If you do not take care of yourself and commit some imprudence such as exposing yourself to sudden changes in temperature without taking the necessary precautions, your health will be impaired.


In the workplace it seems that everything is on the right track, your experience is gradually increasing and every day you are acquiring new knowledge that will help your professional training. However, it is advisable that you listen to the opinions of your co-workers, even if you do not agree.


If at this time you are not in a relationship and you have recently had a bad experience in love affairs, you should not torment yourself. Gemini, although now you are not able to see it, your sentimental life is on the right track and unforgettable moments await you.


Make the most of the message that the Universe has sent to you: “Do not worry if you have fallen, the sun falls every afternoon but rises with more light the next day”. The lucky numbers for today are: 13, 19, 22, 31, 45, 49.

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